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2015-12-02 About Conbini/Pay-easy Payment



  • Payment via Conbini/Pay-easy has been introduced.
  • New restrictions and requirements for your Store Name has been introduced.
  • Release Date: 2015-12-02 11:30:00 JST

New Functionality

  • Conbini/Pay-easy Payments
    • Your customers may select Conbini/Pay-easy payment during checkout, but only if you have enabled this payment option.
  • Setting contact details
    • Contact information is configured using the Dashboard Shop settings page. Contact details are required if you wish to provide Conbini/Pay-easy payments.
  • Customer usage fees
    • You may configure an additional usage fee for Conbini/Pay-easy payments, should your customer choose to pay with this payment method. This can be set using the Dashboard shop settings page.
  • Payment notification email
    • When your customer has made their payment, you will be notified automatically by email.

Changed Functionality

  • On registration of new products, Store name will be checked.
    • In order to sell Products, a Store name is now required. Therefore, if a Store name (including katakana and alphabetic variants) have not been set, registration of new products will not be possible. Please use the Dashboard Seller settings page to configure your Shopname.

Bug Fixes

  • None


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