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Note regarding bank account names



Typically, Japanese bank account names will be officially registered with a katakana version of your name.

Your card (where it is an integrated with credit card and cash card), may display your name in alphabetic characters. However, this will not be the same as your officially registered account name, which is in katakana.


  • Shinsei bank
    • Typically, your cash card will have your name on the card written in alphabetic characters. Please confirm with your branch what your registered katakana name is, which allows you to perform bank transactions and transfers.
  • Mizuho bank, Rakuten bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ bank etc.
    • These banks issue integrated cards, with credit card and cash card roles. The name on the card is written in alphabetic characters, but generally the registered name of the account is in katakana.



If the account name you supply is different from registered account name, deposits from SPIKE are highly likely to be rejected by the bank to avoid depositing into the wrong bank account.

Refer to your passbook to accurately confirm your bank account name.

If a passbook is not issued (typical with internet-banks and with Shinsei), please refer FAQ of the bank web page or contact your bank.

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