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August 1st, 2015 Modifications regarding the operating company as well as the commencement of consumption taxation


*The following changes only apply to Sellers in Japan*


In the effort to strengthen Spike’s (Spike Pay, Spike Market and Spike Coin) expansion in Japan, Metaps Inc. will replace Singapore-based subsidiary Metaps Pte. Ltd., effective August 1st, 2015.

[Inheritance of receivables and payables]
All receivables and payables will be inherited by Metaps Inc.

[Billing of Consumption Tax]
In lieu of being incorporated in Japan, fixed fees regarding payables as well as transaction fees are subject to Japan’s consumption tax regulations.

The changes will be applied to all costs and fees charged from Metaps to the Seller: Monthly fees, commission fees(JPY/USD), transaction fees (JPY/USD), option service fees, payout fees, refunds, chargebacks, etc.

To Business Premium users:
Metaps will cover monthly and option service fees that have been paid before the date of change.

[Start Date:]
August 1, 2015 0:00:00 UTC (JST 8/1 9:00:00)
※Date subject to change

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