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July 6th, 2015 Authorized Sales functionality to Link type order settlement



Introduction of Authorized Sales functionality to Link type order settlement
Release Date:July 6th, 2015 22:30:00 JST

Function Added:

Authorized Sales functionality
Utilising Authorized Sales functionality, you will be able to charge your customer on dispatch of your product. You can choose from 3 options:

  1. Immediate Sale
  2. Authorized sales, manually captured by the Seller
  3. Authorized sales, automatically captured at a later date(Link type order only)*DEFAULT

Function Change:

Timing of Sales Capture
With the additional functionality, this can affect the timing of when sales are captured and recorded against your balance.


Note that though you can change the timing of sales capture, if you make no changes then the existing behaviour is maintained (3.).

If you do not change your settings, automatic capture occurs on the 4th day after the order creation, at 00:00 (UTC).

If you chose 2. as your setting, the Seller must manually capture the sales.

In addition, regardless of your sales timing settings, if you cancel a captured sales transaction, you will be charged a refund fee.

Please check the following pages for details:

You can change your settings from the Seller Information page.

Bug Fixes:


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