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Release Notes on 2015-07-10



  • We enhanced functionality to allow management of an online e-commerce site.
  • Release date:2015-07-10 06:00:00 UTC


  • Enhancing E-commerce
    • Built product listing page, product categories, and other functionality described below.
  • Shopping cart
    • Buyers can purchase multiple product with a single payment.
  • Top page for each user
  • Settings for a shop.
    • Shop's icons, cover image, main color can be set from Shop setting
  • Product category management
  • Set Specified Commercial Transaction page
    • Specified commercial transaction page can be created from Shop management
  • Products can be configured to show or hide in list page
    • Products created before this release are set to hidden.
    • Set show or hidden from Product management
  • Shipping fee setting
  • Variations (Color and size setting, Options)
    • Options like color and size and stock for a product , can be set in product management
    • The Embed button functionality cannot be used if a variation is added to a product.


  • Changed individual product page URLs (Old URL is redirected to new page)
  • Updated CSV format for Order Download on Order History page.
    • New Column (C) - 'Product Variation' - Can be empty
    • New Column (G) - Shipping Price for Order
    • New Column (H) - Total Price for Order
    • Orders can now consist of multiple Products (Cart support), therefore;
      • Each product (and variation if present) in an order will be displayed in a row
      • The shipping Price (G) and Total Order Price (H) will only be shown in the final row for an order
      • Example : An order for Product A (row 1) and Product B (row 2) will show the Order Shipping Cost and Total Order price in row 2.


  • Nothing in this time.
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