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About Sales Capture timing


In the SPIKE system, there are different options available which affect the timing of when sales are Captured and sales funds are recognised.

  1. Immediate Sale
  2. Authorized sales, manually captured by the Seller.
  3. Authorized sales, automatically captured at a later date(Link type order only)


1. Immediate Sale

With an immediate sale, at the time an order is placed by the cardholder, it is immediately authorized and captured in a single step. The sales amount is added to the seller's balance on order completion.


2. Authorized sales, manually captured by the Seller

At the time the cardholder places the order, the seller can check the order, but their balance is not changed. At the time the seller Captures the order, then the sales amount is added to the Seller's balance.


3. Authorized sales, with automatic capture (Link type order only)

Automatic capture is only available with Link type orders, and is performed by the SPIKE system.

Automatic capture occurs on the 4th day after the order creation, at 00:00 (UTC). The automatic order capture process starts at 00:00 (UTC) by creating a queue, and therefore your order by not be captured at precisely that time.

Goods purchased on January 1st at 07:00 (UTC), will be automatically captured on January 4th at 00:00 (UTC).

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