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How do I make a payout request?


First you need to set your designated bank or PayPal account to get paid. 

  1. Go to "Account Settings"
  2. Click  "Seller Information" at top right hand corner
  3. Check your "Primary Payout Method" at Payout Information
  4. Fill out your account information

Secondly, you will make a payout request.

  1. Go to "Dashboard"
  2. Click "Request a Payout" at the bottom of "Current Balance"
  3. Click "Continue" as the balance is checked
  4. Enter "Withdrawal Amount" from the "Available Withdrawal Amount"
  5. Confirm the fixed "Payout fee" and "Payout date"
  6. Click "Submit Payout"
  7. You should see a message confirming that your request has been completed
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