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How can I avoid chargebacks?


Here are some tips to avoid chargebacks:

  • Provide everything your buyer should know. Accurately describing the items you created helps buyers to know exactly what you’re selling. Include details like size, color, material and its conditions, for example. It should be helpful to provide additional information to buyers such as your terms & conditions of shipment and whether or not you offer refund or exchanges.
  • Communicate with the buyer first after the purchase. Send a message that you are going to ship your item with gratitude for the purchase. 

  • Send the item as soon as possible. After the communication, ship the item no more than a few days after payment has been received.If you can’t ship the package right away, immediately message the buyer and explain the delay. However, you should be cautious about who and where you are going to ship the item, especially when your buyer is your first time customer. There are some countries with high percentage of FRAUD. If you find suspicious transactions, not ship the item but contact us.

  • Packing the item is too important. If you were a buyer, you don't want to get a broken or damaged item due to seller's less attention to packaging. Please keep in mind   
  • Don't forget to tell the tracking number of your package.
    Send a message the buyer as soon as you send the package and send him/her the tracking number and keep it on your side too. This will help you prevent from chargeback claim too. 
  • Follow up with the buyer. Most likely you get a message from the buyer to let you know the item arrived safely. If you don’t hear from the buyer you can send a message to ask whether the item arrived in good condition.
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